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About AutoSprint

Commenced in early 2017, Eagle Land (Credit) Pte Ltd has quickly made quite a name for itself as a popular, reliable and go-to Retailer of both New and Used Vehicles in Singapore. Besides Retail vehicle sales, Eagle Land also services the automobile dealership industry, facilitating floor stock financing to several renowned vehicle dealerships across the country.

With both the retail and commercial arms of Eagle Land performing impressively, Eagle Land (Credit) Pte Ltd passed another very significant milestone when it set up a subsidiary in AutoSprint Pte Ltd, in late 2017.

AutoSprint Pte Ltd is a full-fledged modern vehicle workshop that caters to the demands of car owners, one who prefers to have their car diagnosed, repaired and attended to, all by the same professional vendor, in an expedited time frame. As our tagline states "At your service, whenever possible", we believe in offering only the best service and advice to you. When you come to AutoSprint we are offering an experience; in addition, of course, to the best service your car is getting.

By investing in state of the art diagnostics, servicing equipment and technology, AutoSprint Pte Ltd is a fully self-sufficient workshop. Cars and vehicles with even the very latest in hardware and software installations can be diagnosed, repaired and rectified, with turnaround times equal to or faster than what even the car manufacturer’s very own dedicated service center can offer, at very competitively priced prices.  

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