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Maintaining that smooth driving experience

The main purpose of our car's suspension system is to ensure a smooth ride and to keep the car in good control. They take the weight of the car, keep it at its right height and maintains contact with the road. Without them, we would be in for a rough ride!

The main components of a suspension system are the linkages, shock absorbers and the springs. The linkages or arms connect the chassis to the wheels and allow for movement so as to maintain as much stability on the chassis as possible. As we go over holes, bumps or humps on the road, the shock absorbers or springs absorb the shocks faced by the vehicle and this reduction of shock forces help to smoothen the drive.

Being a car owner, the handling and stability of the car is extremely important. Therefore, the suspension components must be in good condition in order to achieve that smooth drive we all crave.

Here are some tips as to how to maintain your suspension system:

1) Cars are extremely heavy machinery, therefore as we go over humps on the road, reduce your speed to avoid the car from slamming onto your front suspension system.

2) Ensure that your tyres are in good condition and kept at the correct pressure.

3) Have your suspension system checked at your workshop every 20,000km to ensure that parts are in good condition.

Some signs that your suspension system components are in need of change is when:

1) You feel vibrations as you are driving.

2) Swerving or nose diving while braking normally.

3) Uneven tyre wear.

4) Visual leaking of fluids on the shock absorbers.

A leaking shock absorber

Poorly maintained shock absorber. There is leakage and dust build up.

Do keep a look out for such signs and have regular checks on your suspension system to ensure that we maintain that smooth ride on our cars.

If you require assistance on your suspension system, give AutoSprint a call at 6911 8338! We are always at your service for any of your car needs.

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