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I got into a car accident! What do I do?

Accidents happen - even to the best drivers on the road. Although we all hope it won't happen to us, it is always better to be prepared for a sticky situation. That's why we've prepared a quick-and-easy guide for you to refer to a rainy day!

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Step 1: Breathe and check yourself for injuries

Regain your composure. Getting into a traffic accident can be scary for multiple reasons, but acting irrationally or letting your emotions get the better of you will only lead to more unwanted complications.


Step 2: Ensure all parties involved stop

This is firstly to ensure the safety of all drivers and passengers, and secondly to make it easier to gather insurance details later on.


Step 3: Call an ambulance immediately (if required)

For emergencies - 995

For non-emergencies - 1777

Take note: Do not move any casualties until the ambulance arrives or any vehicles unless required for medical evacuation


Step 4: Call the police (if required)

The police must be alerted if any of the following conditions are met:

- There are fatalities from the accident

- The accident involves a pedestrian and/or a cyclist

- The accident is a hit-and-run

- Parties who were injured were taken to the hospital

- The accident involves government vehicles (e.g QX and MID plated)

- The accident involves damage to government property

- The accident involves a foreign vehicle not registered in Singapore


Step 5: Assess the damages to vehicles

Photograph the following:

a) Accident Scenes

- Variety of close and wide shots to show the specific damages as well as the context of the entire accident (e.g skid marks, debris, road markings)

b) Your Vehicle

– Picture of your own license plate

– Pictures of damage to your own vehicle, while also showing your license plate if possible

c) Other Vehicles

– Picture of license plates from all other vehicles involved

– Pictures of damages to other vehicles, while also showing their license plate if possible

– If multiple vehicle collision, take pictures of the vehicles in direct contact with your vehicle (Immediate front & back)

Note down the following:

a) Date, time and location of accident scene

b) Weather and road conditions at the point of accident

c) Any relevant dashboard camera footage you have recorded

Take note: When vehicles have been moved to the side of the road, remember to place the hazard sign at least 50m away from the rear of your vehicle


Step 6: Exchange particulars with involved parties

Particulars you will need:

a) Full name

b) NRIC number/FIN

c) Telephone number

d) Home address

e) Insurer details

As much as possible, obtain information from all involved parties (including passengers, pedestrians, witnesses)

Parties are not allowed to withhold personal information under the Road Traffic Act. If such a situation arises, a police report should be made.

Take note: Avoid discussing the liability of either party in the accident as it may be used against you


Step 7: Contact your Insurer

Notify your insurer of the accident within 24 hours or the next working day, even if damages are minimal

You may have heard that this compromises your No-Claim Discount (NCD) and hence, reporting accidents involving minor repairs may not be worth giving up your NCD. However, you run the risk of being caught, in which case, your insurer may void your NCD anyway or choose not to renew your policy altogether.

It is our opinion that it is best to notify your insurer, in order to avoid these situations, and to allow a proper claim procedure to occur.

Our automotive partner, CarFren is a one-stop automotive platform which centralizes all your motor insurance, motor warranty and a host of other motor services. When you purchase your motor insurance from CarFren and their insuring partner and run into an accident, they will take care of the towing service, insurance claim and motor repair process for your vehicle to help put you at ease. Get a competitive quote today at!


Step 8: Call a Towing Service

If your insurer does not provide a dedicated towing service, you'll have to contact a towing service provider to tow your car to an authorized workshop.

Autosprint is an authorized and trusted workshop that can get your vehicle up and running as soon as possible. Call us at 8811 8868 if you require towing services and let us serve you.

If you are a Carfren member, call our 24-hour roadside assistance hotline at 9887 9899, and let our dedicated team handle the rest. Calling the Carfren 24-hour roadside assistance hotline is hassle-free, the team are experienced in handling such situations, hence they will do the reporting for you as well as towing your car back to Autosprint! All you have to do is rest easy.


Here at Autosprint, our duty is to ensure your vehicle performs at its highest potential, including the aspect of safety, because we’re drivers too. We do this through regular vehicle servicing and maintenance. Visit our website at, or simply call us at 6911 8338 to book a appointment today.

The most common causes of road accidents in Singapore are due to neglect of basic driving habits and practices - (1) Failure to keep a proper lookout, (2) Failing to have proper control, (3) Failing to give way to traffic with right of way, (4) Changing lane without due care. These causes alone account for more than 70% of road accidents that had occurred over the past several years.

So if you're out on the roads today, do remember to drive safely and responsibly!

Note: This article serves only as a rough guide and does not constitute legal advice!

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